Without any “gay” meaning (in the event it exists), I do believe affirmed bachelor/ette is the best suggestion at this point

Without any “gay” meaning (in the event it exists), I do believe affirmed bachelor/ette is the best suggestion at this point

The feedback of various age groups and another sex dead up against it

Having a single phrase – voluntagamus function actually selection-single for the Latin. However, I question if you could ever explore an in-person coined term.

Including an alternative cure for address the fresh new particular the question (money a phrase, in lieu of shopping for an existing one):

Looking for “marriage-free”, following trends of “child-free”? (I know not all dating end in matrimony, however, “relationship-free” is simply too obscure IMO. I think “marriage-free” manage obtain the tip all over however.)

BTW, “child-free” have not cong alternatives for “zero babies do not want ’em” it is further collectively than just anything, and therefore is apparently in identical standard place.

One you can easily word is “nonogamist”, designed of “nonogamy” in the same manner because “bigamist” is made off “bigamy”, otherwise “monogamist” out-of “monogamy”.

As the noted throughout the -ist entry when you look at the wiktionary, suffix “-ist” shall be “put in terms and conditions in order to create nouns denoting . individual who comes after an idea otherwise system away from faith.” Once the “nonogamy” means maybe not ist und bleibt” was an individual who determines not to ever marry.

Keep in mind that “nonogamist” accordingly solutions the initial question questioned, regarding the “a person who [sic] possess knowingly selected to keep unmarried for lifetime”, but is perhaps not appropriate regarding “relationships” stated on upgrade. Maybe “philononogamist”, that actually isn’t very difficult to express shortly after on the 14 seeks, perform suffice. As well as, remember that those in brand new “nonogamy.livejournal area” might use “nonogamist” in order to indicate nearly what’s spelled out in brand new improve, however their usage may differ off usual use Video dating online.

The bill on the respond to food regarding “nonogamy”, in order to demonstrate that while it frequently isn’t a fundamental dictionary phrase, it is a phrase that is used in the English language.

Getting a mature the means to access “nonogamy”, understand the Melbourne Strike publication, web page 42, 9 Feb 1871, reprinted inside the Mr. Punch right here, 1982. Unfortunately the author of this item authored Section XV for the good types of bottom line function, unlike in complete sentences; to help you laughs: “People thought away from various other points of view. . Expediency of failing to have people. . Queen Herod’s system talked-about approvingly. . Brand new author’s thoughts. Spouses. Polygamy, monogamy, nonogamy. Nonogamy necessary. Arguments in preference of polygamy. . Monogamy unhesitatingly condemned. ” (Ellipses exploit.) It appears to be contained in this perspective you to definitely nonogamy function maybe not partnered.

nonogamy.livejournal states, “Which [nonogamy] neighborhood is for those of us one move our very own vision whenever we pay attention to dating reports. Those who are that don’t be we should instead end up being coordinated out over be happier. Do not Hate love, but i manage hate people who wouldn’t shut-up about any of it currently. Nonogamy implies that we don’t you want love, sex,cuddling, dates, or romantic days celebration cards. Like is perhaps all well and you can an excellent, however, prevent dwelling in it already.”

An exclusive and you will basically connection that’s devoid of intercourse

Specific ignorati in the democraticunderground make fun of the word, unlike giving it correct obeisance, inside the a bond titled “Midthread test: Does “nonogamy” suggest zero wives, nine spouses, otherwise wives that do “no-no”s?”.

Urbandictionary now offers two maybe-ironic definitions from nonogamy slightly within chance having meanings above: step 1. dos. An effective sarcastic mention of the progressive monogamy throughout the install industry in which gender is marginalized otherwise vanishes from inside the a wedding [. ]

I am scared you’ll not look for an already centered term with all the connotations and definitions you need. I believe celibate is the closest, because it is the only real unmarried-word-term that usually provides the meaning preference. Brand new downside to it is its unavoidable reference to religion, and that i understand that you aren’t searching for one to connotation. Which matches to the very first around three of your conditions.

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